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         Helmed by award-winning WGA Writer-Director, Daniel Robert Cohn, Namaste Pictures is a multi-media production company focusing on a broad spectrum of creative endeavors.  Founded in Los Angeles (2003), Namaste Pictures began with Cohn's intent to write and direct feature films and TV programing  (particularly films and programing that explored the larger transcendent questions of life).  After successfully gaining world-wide distribution and a prime-time Network Television release of Cohn's first feature film, EYES BEYOND SEEING, Cohn went on to secure several more deals with major studios and producers including:  Universal Pictures, Cosntantin Film, Gold Circle, emmy-award-winning producer Robert Cort (Paramount Pictures) and acclaimed producer/director Penny Marshall (Sony Pictures).   

          As the climate and topography of the industry adapted to a more global internet-based world, so did Namaste Pictures.  Relocating to Northern California, Namaste expanded into producing top-notch content for the web: branded entertainment, web series, and a wide array of cross-media content including several animated properties.  It wasn't long before Namaste Pictures had the trust and creative respect of several multi-billion dollar companies including over a half-dozen Fortune 500 companies.  Today, Namaste Pictures writes, produces, directs, edits, and animates content for some of the largest companies in the world.  Currently developing a new project with Academy Award-nominated producer, Laurence Mark (The Greatest Showman, Jerry Maguire, As Good as it Gets),  Namaste Pictures is now setting its sites once again on the big screen.

          The success of Namaste Pictures is driven by the unending creative passion of its founder, Daniel Robert Cohn, and the dozens of talented artists with whom he works.   It is the blending of multiple art forms and expertise which helps to deliver a uniquely rich, cohesive finished product.  The essence of the company can be summed up with a single word that describes the beauty, respect and magic of the co-creative experience... a word that is defined as the highest part of One recognizing the highest part of Another......."Namaste".



Feature Films • Shorts • Television (episodic drama, sitcom, reality) • Commercials • Music Videos • EPKs • Movie Trailers • Sizzle Reels • Web Content • Corporate


Producing • Writing • Directing • Cinematography • Editing • Motion Graphics • Photography • Design • Storyboard • Music Composition • Sound Design • Posters • Brochures • Logos • Full Branding • Concept/Campaign Development 


N.Y.S. Governor's Award (Best in NY State: Anti-drug PSA) • Four Year Scholarship to School Of Visual Arts (BFA)  "Best First Feature" Long Island Film Festival • "Best Music Video" L.A. Music Awards. • "Best Music Video" Hollywood DV Awards • Member of The Actors Studio (writing and directing unit) • Associate Producer "Good Morning America" (ABC) • Editor "Orgazmo DVD" (Trey Parker) Animatic Editor "Happy Monster Band"(Disney), Guitar Hero Metallica (Activision), Metalocolypse (Adult Swim),  Freaknik (Cartoon Network) Personal Assistant: Sally Kirkland. Personal Assistant:  Steve Guttenberg • Production Assistant: Saturday Night Live  (Colossal Pictures), P.A.: "Austin Powers 2" (Jay Roach), "ED TV" (Ron Howard), "Felicity" (J.J. Abrams) "Days of Our Lives" (ABC) "Bella Mafia" (NBC), "It Ain't Easy"(Ron Leavitt/ Arthur Silver), The Dating Game (ABC), The Newlywed Game (ABC), "Lover From Another Planet" (Showtime), Akbar's Adventure (Robert Blalack), "Norma Jean, Jack and Me" (Cyrus Nowrasteh).